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Soroushmehr SMR, Curzen N, Wood A, Nallamothu B, Gryak J, Najarian K.  2018.  Automated Decision Support System for Stenosis Detection in Coronary Angiograms.
Hooshmand M, Soroushmehr SMR, Williamson C, Gryak J, Najarian K.  2018.  Computing Amount of Midline Shift in Traumatic Brain Injury.
Yao H, Gryak J, Derksen H, Attili AK, Nallamothu B, Najarian K.  2018.  Fully-Automated Left Ventricle Segmentation Using a Dilated and Adversarial Deep Learning Architecture.
Tokcan N, Hernandez L, Derksen H, Gryak J, Najarian K.  2018.  Novel Tensor Similarity Score for Classification of Cardiac Index from ECG Signals.
Ansari S, Golbus J, Aaronson K, Nallamothu B, Oldham K, Ward K, Gryak J, Najarian K.  2018.  Stratification of Cardiac Index Using a Novel Non-Invasive Ring and Deep Learning.
Yao H, Soroushmehr S.M.R, Williamson CA, Ward KR, Farzaneh N, Najarian K.  2017.  Automated Decision Support System to Detect and Evaluate the Hematoma in Patients with Acute Traumatic Brain Injury.
Farzaneh N, Soroushmehr S.M.R, Williamson CA, Jiang C, Srinivasan A, Bapuraj JR, Yao H, Ward KR, Korley F, Najarian K.  2017.  Automated Decision Support System to Quantitatively Evaluate the Volume of Subdural Hematoma in Traumatic Brain Injured Patients.
Farzaneh N, Soroushmehr S.M.R, Williamson CA, Srinivasan A, Bapuraj JR, Yao H, Ward KR, Najarian K.  2017.  Developing an Automated System to Predict ICU Length of Stay for TBI patients with Subdural Hematoma.
Baechle M.A., Janus C., Gottlieb1 R., Belle A, Najarian K., Dishman M., Levin J..  2014.  Computer Software versus Faculty Grading of Prepared Carious Typodont Tooth.
Belle A, Spadafore M, Derksen H, Ward K, Najarian K.  2014.  Computer-Assisted Monitoring of Hemodynamic Condition During a Simulated Experiment of Hypovolemia Using Lower Body Negative Pressure.
Wang L, Soroushmehr S.M.R, Najarian K, Attin M.  2014.  Digitization of Electrocardiogram Prior to In-hospital Cardiac Arrest.